What is Apple Shooter unblocked

Now this is the Shakespearean one! Here is the deal: You have to shoot an apple. With an arrow. And its on your friend’s head. And deprived of the reluctance that kind of situation would surely invoke in the real-life terms, you are free to go on some brain-spilling rampage. Even though you are still kind of supposed to aim for the apple, the large number of different deaths your friend can encounter, depending on where exactly he got shot, is pretty much designed with the intention to at least make a player curious. Therefore, I urge you to also try every one of them unhesitatingly. Who knows, there might even be an Easter egg somewhere in there.

The controls of Apple Shooter unblocked are really simple: you do the aiming part by moving the mouse cursor, press and hold the mouse button to draw the bow all they way(a real archer would say “to the anchor point”, which is the term for the area around the chin), and release to shoot an arrow. You, of course, may choose not to wait until the full power before you release it, but appears that such choice can only be useful in case that you are looking for the different ways for your friends to get killed.
Being in the position of the archer, the Apple Shooter unblocked to be precise, at first you will be placed on a fairly small distance from your target, so all you have to do in the first level is to place the cursor over an apple. However, with every good shot you make, the additional 5 feet is added to the distance. Gradually, the gravity starts to kick in, making it so that, after just a few levels, you also have to count in the fall, and to aim higher, in order to keep smashing those apples into pieces.

apple shooter
Having in mind that the apple seemingly keeps getting back, no matter how many times you hit it, there is also the high score sheet in the main menu, helping us to keep track of those among us who got away the furthest before painting the gray wall in the background, as well as the grass, with the cerebral fluid of their friend(seriously, the person is just referred to just as “your friend, and the only thing that does is that it makes it look as the game is trying to poke your conscience with a stick).But don’t let these kind of questions bother you. Grab your bow and arrow and take aim in this interesting William Tell reference, providing us with the invaluable insights on what would have happened if the famous Swiss folk story had gone south.

Want to play solitaire with a twist? Why not try Fairway Solitaire

Want to play solitaire with a twistFairway Solitaire which can be found at www.worldofsolitaire.us, is a video game that is based on the very popular card game, Solitaire. It was developed by Big Fish Studios and it is distributed by Big Fish Games. The game is available on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It is available in single player mode. The game is available for download on Google play on android and iTunes for Apple. Online, one can play the game on kongregate web portal among other game sites.

Instructions of the game
This game is presented to players as a modified type of solitaire that has a golf theme. Players use playing cards and golf clubs to clear the table. The main goal of the game is to clear through a collection of 70 courses with different challenges per course. When one challenge is met, it unlocks the next course enabling the player to advance. Players get rewarded trophies by completing different tasks and they also get prizes or in-game cash. They can also participate in daily challenges which win them trophies. Their scores are recorded and graded against all the other players on the matching platform and the statistics form the basis on achievements and awarding of trophies.

Each course has sand traps and water hazards which the player is expected to clear. Sand traps or sand cards are only revealed after the sand wedge card has been uncovered. The water hazards on the other hand, are special water cards that must be cleared off the board before the cards to the right can be exposed. The game has golf shops where players can pop in and buy equipment to help them play.

– If you don’t like such twisted version of the card games, here is simple one, just basic classic good old Solitaire.

check screenGolf challenge with a twist
To make the game even more interesting, there is a character or gopher known as Gutsy McDivot. The gopher is hell bent on getting revenge on golfers who he believes killed his ancestor, Bravetooth. McDivot is seen making a contraption called Golfinator in cut scenes as one progresses in the game.

Controls of the game
The game is controlled by using the mouse. Just clicking on the cards places them on the foundation stack.

It is quite relaxing and at the same exciting playing a card game with a golf them. The challenges make the game very interesting and entertaining too. You should try it if you haven’t already but be warned, it could be addictive.


HAPPY WHEELS DEMO GAMEPLAYThe happy wheels demo game is a challenging game that has a considerable amount of violence and lots excitement. The fun part comes in watching your character blow up, fall or get ripped into pieces rather than succeeding in the game . Its certainly not a game for little children or your parents. Happy wheels demo is actually not that complicated a game to play. Its instructions are pretty basic and its controls are not that complex. Did I also mention that the game is super addictive? But its all worth it.

These are the controls for the game:

1. Primary action – space. The actions vary according to the character.
a) Wheelchair guy – boosts
b) Irresponsible dad – brakes
c) Lawn mower – jumps
d) Santa Claus – flies for a limited time
e) Segway guy – jumps
f) Effective shopper – jumps
g) Moped couple – boosts for a limited time
h) Explorer guy – locks onto rail
2. Control and Shift – secondary actions
SHIFT – a) Wheelchair guy – rotate rocket anti-clockwise
b) Segway guy – straighten legs
c) Moped couple – eject woman
d) Irresponsible dad – eject father
e) Santa Claus -cut elves loose when they die
f) Explorer guy – lean forward
CONTROL – a) Wheelchair guy – rotate rocket clockwise
b) Segway guy – bend legs
c) Irresponsible dad – eject child
d) Moped couple – brake
e) Explorer guy – lean backward
3. Z – eject everyone in the vehicle
4. Up – accelerate forwards
5. Down – decelerate/reverse
6. Right – tilt clockwise
7. Left – Tilt anti-clockwise

And that is it. As i said, its not that complex a game to play. Just lots of fun.

1. The main instruction in the game is to make sure your character gets through the board. Sometimes your character may get through the board but in pieces. Try and make sure he gets to the end in one piece .
2. Meet all the goals in each level.
3. Be on the look out on hints on what to do next.
There we have it. Let’s play!

Everything about Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 is a puzzle game that was originally created by inXile’s and Sparkworkz. The impossible Quiz 2 is very Engaging and really easy to play but not as easy as we think. The game contains 120 questions which will definitely make you scratch your Head and can frustrate you as well. It also has many funny aspect which will keep us intact with the game.If you don’t want to tease your brain, follow the

the impossible quiz 2


Instruction No.1 – TIME BOMB: It appears on the top right hand corner of the game screen. Time can range between 1 second to 15 second. So, keep your eyes on it. With a right equipment you can defuse that Time Bomb.
Instruction No.2 – SKIP BUTTON: You have power up button “Skip Button” to skip question which you can’t answer. you can use the SKIP button thrice in a game from the bottom of the screen.

Instruction No.3 – FUSE STOPPERS: These are the creatures which are in the game, they help to fuse the bombs to give us more time to think. You can use them from bottom of the screen. There are 3 of them hidden throughout the quiz.



The controls are so simple. You just have to use your Mouse and Keyboard (Click & Press).

1-.When you see any MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions), you have to click on the right answer using Mouse.

2- Some questions need to be answered with the help of Keys, For example : Whenever FRANK(Character in the Game) asks you to type something simply press that letter from the Keyboard.

The Question in this game might look simple but actually they are Twisted. The game always challenge our thinking capacity, if we think something unusual the game is perfect for us. The game is quite good as a brain Exercise so we should play it often and remember one thing while playing this Game, always ‘THINK OUT OF THE BOX’.

A Comprehensive Review Of Return Man 3 – An Awesome Flash Sports Game

picBeing football fanatics, we turn to find games which combine the exhilaration of online gaming along with the excitement of soccer. Return Man 3, a popular Flash game, provides this ideal balance. It retains a 9.2 (out of 10) satisfaction rating, proving that it’s a well-designed online game. Here are the fundamental features of the Return Man 3 game:


(I) – Run forward

(J) – Run left

(K) – Run down the field

(L) – Run right

If you want, you can make use of the arrow keys on your PC instead. The left arrow moves you left, right arrow moves you to the right, the upward arrow moves a person forward and lower arrow moves a person backward.

As you progress through the game, you receive advanced controls to be able to spin, hurdle, and so on. Once you have been able to unlock those controls, they will display on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and you will be able to use them all through the game.


The main objective will be to receive the kickoff as well as return the ball to the end zone without getting tackled. You receive four lives for each game, and you can even append lives with successive touchdown streaks.

A Comprehensive Review Of Return Man 3 - An Awesome Flash Sports GameInstructions

In order to receive the ball, move the returner towards the yellow circle. When you catch the ball move the returner using whichever group of controls you choose: basic (I, T, K, L) or even alternate (arrow keys). Try not to get tackled, and look out for the kicker! He’s faster than other defenders, and whilst he cannot deal with you singlehandedly, he’ll drag you, slowing you down before other defenders arrive to make the tackle. On the way, there are a few “energy boosts” available (they seem like green circles having a yellow lightning bolt) that can provide you with a temporary boost in speed.

Game Levels

You will find three levels (called “weeks”) and 5 stages in every week. Week 1 is known as “Opening Week”, Week 2 is known as “Down and Dirty”, and Week 3 is known as “Hold on Tight”. Unlock the following stage by beating the prior one. Obviously, each stage, as well as level, is a bit tougher than the previous one; however, you do obtain additional controls as well as more energy boosts to assist you.

Is it really worth playing?

If you’re a big soccer fan, or simply enjoy football video games, Return Man 3 is ideal for you. It combines a great deal of excitement as well as simple online game controls. Just ensure that you find the end zone!

P.S. You can play this game on the following site.